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5 Reasons to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

Due to years of myths and rumors, many people think that wallpaper is too difficult to use. But, in reality, thousands upon thousands of people use wallpaper to enhance their homes and improve its aesthetic. Using wallpaper can incorporate design elements you never considered in ways not possible with paint or other decorations and make your home décor truly stunning. You can find everything you need for wallpaper and your next paint project at Hoover Paint in Murfreesboro, TN. Check out these five reasons to use wallpaper in your home.

Living room with a white brick wall, light blue couch, and wall with green arboreal wallpaper

#1: Wallpaper Incorporates Color and Design

Use wallpaper to incorporate color and patterns into your home. If you have mostly neutral-colored furniture that's a similar color, wallpaper can create a unique backdrop that pops. Even on just one wall, it adds character and unexpected visual appeal.
You can use patterned or striped wallpaper or incorporate shapes, animals, flowers, or even famous works of art. While you can add some stick-on elements on top of the paint, wallpaper makes it look more cohesive.

#2: Wallpaper is Durable

Wallpaper can last for 10-15 years. It can be hung in a child's bedroom or nursery. You won't have to worry about paint nicking or dirt sticking to the walls. It's easy to clean. However, make sure you use waterproof, scrubbable wallpaper to remove marker and crayon marks. Wallpaper is expensive up front, but because it's meant to last, it's more affordable than good-quality paint.

On that note, if you enjoy frequent remodels or like to repaint or incorporate new colors into the house often, wallpaper might not be the best choice.

#3: Wallpaper Adds Texture

The texture is the most overlooked way to add visual interest to your home. This can change the feel of the room, making it warmer, more luxurious, or more elegant. Wallpaper has made such a strong comeback because it comes in so many textures. Consider:

  • Silks, suedes, and grasscloth wallpaper add softness.
  • Foil, metallic, and glass bead wallpaper adds luminescence.
  • Cork or fake log wallpaper adds warm wood textures.
  • Faux brick or stone wallpaper adds luxury and dimension.
  • Tile peel and stick wallpaper add dimension.

#4: Wallpaper Is Easy to Install

Once, wallpaper was a nightmare to install and another to take off. That's changed. Now, you usually peel and stick it. You may have to paint the wall with paste first for some options. Either way, when you're ready to take it off, you loosen the corner and pull. It will peel right off.

#5: Multiple Applications

Like paint, wallpaper isn't limited to the wall. It can be a fun surprise in many different areas of your home. You can:

  • Use waterproof wallpaper as a backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Put it directly in your shower (if it's waterproof).
  • Place it in drawers.
  • Add it to cabinet interiors.
  • Apply it to wood furniture.

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