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While a large part of our interior coating business is interior paints, we at Hoover Paint Store offer a wide variety of interior products, including interior wood coatings. We provide products that are perfect for a DIY project and professional-grade interior wood coatings for contractors. Our interior wood coatings will add beauty and durability to your wood surfaces and items. We offer options from several brands, including General Finishes, Old Masters®, Chemcraft™, and Renner Wood Coatings.

General Interior Wood Coatings

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We offer several interior wood coatings, stains, and finishes that are perfect for the average DIY project. These wood stains are easy to apply, durable, and provide a beautiful finish. They can be used for various projects and are popular with novices and experienced stainers alike. We offer four different types of general interior wood coatings.

  • Wiping Stains: These wood finishes are applied using a rag or stain sponge. Then the area is wiped, and a new layer of wood stain is applied. The process continues until the desired color has been achieved.
  • Gel Stains: These interior wood stains are also referred to as glazes. They are a thicker version of a wiping stain and are usually used to shade, age, or accent a piece that has already been stained and clear-coated.
  • Spray-and-wipe stains: These interior stains are faster drying than wiping stains and are often used to speed up the staining process. They are sprayed on and then wiped using a rag. The process is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. You can apply several of our interior wood coatings as wiping or spray-and-wipe stains.
  • Polyurethane Clear Finishes: These high-performance coatings can be applied with a brush or sprayer. They are used as a finish coating after you achieve the look you want with your other stains. We offer several finishes, including flat, low luster, and gloss.

Professional Interior Wood Coatings

We also offer a selection of professional interior wood coatings for paint contractors and industrial clients. These wood stains and finishes are meant for professional applications only. They are often sprayed on and require professional-grade application equipment. If you are a professional contractor looking for a product you don’t see on our website, you can contact our Coatings Specialist, and we will work with you to acquire the correct product. We currently offer four types of professional finishes, Waterborne Interior Clear FinishWaterborne Interior Pigmented FinishSolvent Base Interior Clear Finish, and Solvent Base Interior Pigmented Finish.

Tulip Hardwood Floor Stains

tulip stains are meant to be used on other wood surfaces in your home, like trim, furniture, and cabinetry, to match those surfaces to your Tulip Hardwood Flooring. We offer five coordinating collections; Designer, Regency, Heritage, Millennium, and Vogue. Each interior stain is blended in the Tulip labs to guarantee as close of a match as possible.

Cabinet Paints & Stains

One of the most common uses for our interior wood coatings is cabinetry. Changing the stain on your kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to transform your kitchen without remodeling. We offer a variety of products that are perfect for cabinetry, including solvents, cleaners, wood fillers, paints, and interior stains. You can create the cabinets you’ve always wanted with products from Hoover Paint Store.

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