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At the Hoover Paint Store, we consider primers to be a vital part of any painting project. Adding a coat of primer can vastly improve the effectiveness of your interior and exterior paints. We offer drywall, wood, metal, interior, exterior, and masonry primers. Each primer provides a perfect base coat and several benefits. We have chosen to carry the best paint primers from several paint brands, including Benjamin Moore, INSL-X, Zinsser®, Romabio®, and General Finishes.

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Benefits of Primers

We consider paint primers to be vital because they provide a wealth of benefits to any paint job. Choosing to start with a coat or two of the best paint primers can profoundly affect several aspects of your paint projects.

  • Adhesion: Even a single coat of paint primer can increase a surface’s adhesion. This reduces the chance that your interior or exterior paint will flake or chip. Primers can be especially helpful on less porous surfaces and under glossy and oil base paints.
  • Concealment: If your wall has small holes, scratches, stains, or odors, a paint primer can help conceal those issues. By applying primer, you create a smooth surface for your interior or exterior paint, guaranteeing an excellent finish.
  • Seal Pores: Porous surfaces like wood and drywall can absorb the paint, causing uneven finishes and wasting product. Applying a coat of primer before painting will seal the pores and prepare the surface for your paints.
  • Brighter Colors: The color of your interior and exterior paints can be significantly affected by what is underneath them. If you are changing the colors of your walls, applying a coat or two of primer helps bring them back to neutral. This creates an even wall tone that allows your new coats of paint to remain true to color. You will achieve brighter and more vibrant colors with a base coat of paint primer.
  • Save Paint: Primers are generally less expensive than interior or exterior paints. By using paint primers to create a smooth and even surface, it takes fewer coats to complete your project. This means you can use less paint and spend less time and money on your painting projects.
  • Durability: Paint primers are formulated to seal your surfaces, providing a solid protective layer. This helps maintain the integrity of your walls and also increases the longevity of your paint job.

Categories of Primers

We have split our primers into six different categories based on their uses. While primers can be versatile, purchasing the primer formulated for the surface you plan to paint is important.

  • Drywall Primer: These primers are formulated for the porous surface of the drywall. They are interior-rated and provide superior stain and odor-blocking powers.
  • Wood Primer: We offer both interior and exterior wood primers. These primers thoroughly coat the woodgrain to create a nice surface and seal pores.
  • Stain Blocking: These primers are specially engineered to have superior stain-fighting power. Some stains like water, smoke, nicotine, and tannin acids will bleed through standard paints, but they don’t stand a chance against the stain-blocking power of these paint primers.
  • Metal Primer: Metal surfaces are notoriously difficult to paint. They are smooth and nonporous, providing little for the paint to stick to. These primers help ensure that your paint will stick. We also suggest using a top coat on metal surfaces for added protection.
  • Exterior Primers: The exterior of your home is exposed to rain, sleet, snow, wind, and insects. These primers are designed to protect your walls from all of that and provide a nice base for your exterior paint of choice. 
  • Masonry Primers: Masonry and brick can provide a unique painting challenge as the surfaces are naturally uneven and strangely porous. Our specialty masonry primers help create a surface that can accept any of our exterior paints.

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