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Known for its durability and low maintenance, concrete can be used in many areas of your home, from foundations to floors and swimming pools. While natural concrete can mimic the texture and appearance of natural stone, you may opt for a different aesthetic for your floors. Whether you want to stain your floors or swimming pool another shade or seal your concrete for further protection, our team at Hoover Paint is excited to help you find the right concrete stain products to get the job done.

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All About Concrete Stains

Simply put, concrete stain is a product that can stain your concrete and give it a visual appearance similar to that of another surface, color, or product. At Hoover Paint, we carry a few concrete stain products to ensure you can achieve your desired look with the help of our team.

  • AcrylPack-S is a concentrated tint system specially formulated to disperse quickly, making it an excellent stain for concrete. This product is perfect if you are looking for a semi-transparent to opaque stain for your concrete.
  • Exterior Kolour Dye Stain is an excellent option for concrete staining as it is UV-stable, translucent, and formulated to penetrate concrete surfaces. The color created by this product will not crack, chip, or peel over time.
  • Surfkoat Metallic FX Pigments are perfect for customers looking to make a statement with their concrete stain. These metallic pigments can be used in living spaces, offices, garages, and more and can be added to three-gallon epoxy kits for mixing.

Beyond Concrete Stains | Concrete Sealers

Even if you are not looking to change the aesthetic appearance of your concrete with a concrete stain, you may opt for a concrete sealer to ensure that your concrete stands the test of time and is not penetrated, cracked, or chipped.

  • Aggreseal Supreme is a high-gloss concrete sealer option that can be purchased clear or in a brown or gray tint. This sealer makes your concrete resistant to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, stains, or other pollutant particles.
  • Deco Guard WB is a low-shine, water-based acrylic sealer with a lower viscosity, allowing it to penetrate concrete surfaces better. This product protects concrete against road salts, saltwater systems, rain, sleet, and more.
  • Surfkoat 2000 Supreme is a purely acrylic concrete sealer that works on all styles of concrete. This sealer can improve your concrete’s resistance to water, intense weather, and other pollutants.

Beyond Concrete Stains | Swimming Pool Paint

If your home has a swimming pool, it was constructed primarily of concrete. If that is the case, you may want your swimming pool to be different from concrete, and luckily for you, our team at Hoover Paint has the right kind of swimming pool paint to create a lovely appearance for your swimming pool.

  • Richard’s PoolGuard Waterborne Acrylic Swimming Pool Tie Coat is specially formulated to paint over previously painted swimming pools. This paint can even paint over chlorinated rubber and polyamide epoxy. It can also prime bare concrete in your pool and will resist the chemical actions of chlorine.
  • Richard’s PoolGuard Waterborne Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint is user-friendly and delivers long-lasting protection and sealing to your swimming pool. This paint will resist the effects of chlorine and algae while providing a beautiful and luxurious color on your new or old concrete pool.

Why Work with Hoover Paint?

At Hoover Paint, we pride ourselves on providing customers with solutions for their paint projects that fit their unique needs and desires. While concrete has many advantages, it can often feel intimidating and difficult for homeowners or other DIY-ers to work with. With assistance from our team, you won’t have to fear your concrete! Hoover Paint has worked diligently for our clients for over 60 years, and we have positioned ourselves as industry leaders in paint and staining solutions. With our trusted team and our trusted products, no project is too big.

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Concrete can be tricky to work with, but with concrete stains from Hoover Paint, you never have to worry about the color, seal, or appearance of the concrete areas of your home or property again. In addition to concrete, we carry wonderful interior, exterior, and specialty paint products from Benjamin Moore, PPG, Fine Paints of Europe, Richard’s Paint™, and more.

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