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When you think of painting your home, you may often think of soft neutrals, simple color schemes, or the occasional brightly colored accent wall. However, there is a whole world of specialty paint out there to help you create a unique, vibrant, and fun aesthetic in any room in your home. Whether you find yourself drawn to metallics, fun designs, or more, our team at Hoover Paint can help you find the right product down to the most extraordinary and unique request. At Hoover Paint, our goal is to bring your big ideas to life.

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Metallic Specialty Paint

At Hoover Paint, we carry metallic paint so you can create a fresh, unique finish in your home, whether that is on small décor pieces or entire walls and rooms. With the metallic paint products available at our store, your possibilities are endless, and your wildest dreams are possible. In addition to selling metallic pigments that can be added to traditional paint, we carry the entire line of Modern Masters Metallic Paint, which is often considered to be the industry standard of metallic paint. Metallic Paint from Modern Masters is available in both matte and satin finishes and can be purchased in your desired shade or as a combination of more than one shade in the line to create your perfect look.

Faux Specialty Paint

While faux specialty paint may seem like a broad category of paint, faux specialty paint products will provide you with countless opportunities to turn any wall in your home into a showstopper. Faux specialty paint products are used to create a unique finish for your walls and are often considered a combination of the product itself and how it is applied. At Hoover paint, we carry a variety of faux specialty paint products, including:

  • Benjamin Moore Studio Glaze
  • Benjamin Moore Studio Alkyd Glaze
  • General Finishes Stain Blocker Primer
  • General Finishes Milk Paint

While a stain blocker primer will ensure that any paint product you lay on top of it will apply smoothly and with an intense pigment, glazes from Benjamin Moore and a milk paint product will provide unique finishes that will have your guests marveling at your walls for years to come.

Specialty Spray Paint

Aerosol spray paint is another type of specialty paint product we carry at Hoover Paint, but spray paint is typically used for smaller projects around your home, such as DIY floor painting, painting parts of walls, or coating certain décor items to match the rest of your interior design aesthetic. Due to its application from an aerosol spray can, spray paint is considered user-friendly and efficient for customers. Whether you need to coat a small object or want to create a unique look on your walls, we have the products for you! We carry plenty of tools to help you get the job done, including

  • Allpro Spray Paint
  • Can-Gun 1 Aerosol Handle
  • Preval Power Unit
  • Preval Paint Sprayer

Unique Specialty Paint Items

The world is your oyster when it comes to painting and your home design. One popular and trending specialty paint idea is to have a wall entirely coated in chalkboard or dry-erase paint. This makes a wall, or part of a wall, in your home both decorated and functional. At Hoover Paint, a team member would be happy to talk to you about turning a piece of your home into an interactive place to make lists, draw, and more. We carry products such as:

  • Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Notable Dry Erase Clear and White

Specialty Paint Additives

Suppose you are not in the market for a completely unique specialty paint experience. In that case, Hoover Paint offers specialty paint additives that can be combined with traditional paint products to add effects, longevity, and even scents! Talk to a member of our team about the following specialty paint additives:

  • General Finishes Extender
  • Benjamin Moore Paint Extender
  • Paint Scentsation
  • M-1 Advanced Mildew Treatment
  • Howard Chalk-Tique Powder Additive
  • Surfkoat Metallic FX Pigments

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Whether you want to create a metallic accent wall or use spray paint for an eclectic look, we have plenty of specialty paint products to make even your most unique dreams come to life. In addition to specialty paint, we carry beautiful products from Benjamin Moore, PPG, Fine Paints of Europe, Richard’s Paint™, and more.

Contact us today to talk to a talented member of our team about your next painting project. Hoover Paint proudly serves Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Brentwood, Shelbyville, Cookeville, Nashville, Manchester, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas.