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Interior house paints are the most popular products at Hoover Paint Store. A new coating of interior paint can entirely transform the look of a room with minimal cost and effort. Interior paints also increase the durability of your walls and protect them from moisture. Some of our interior paints are also washable and stain-repellent.

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Our interior paints feature wall paints and trim paints in several finishes so that you can pick the perfect sheen for each project. We also carry a selection of oil-based paints and ceiling paints for special projects. We have chosen to stock interior paints from four top brands, Benjamin Moore, PPG, Fine Paints of Europe, and Richard’s Paint®.

Wall Paint

The most common and diverse of our interior paint offerings is wall paint. These paints are available in a wealth of different sheens and an endless array of colors. Wall paint is the perfect way to transform a space in your home. Whether you are a seasoned veteran painter or doing your first DIY project, we have a product that is perfect for you. Our interior house paint selection is easy to apply, clean, and fun to play with. These paints can create colorful accent walls or even exciting geometric designs. The only limit is your imagination.

Trim Paint

These interior paints are similar to wall paints, and you can use some wall paints on trim. However, their increased durability sets our selection of trim paints apart. This type of paint is used on many high-traffic and high-dirt areas, so you need effective and protective paint. We offer a variety of color options and sheens. Our trim paints are also perfect for use on interior doors.

Ceiling Paint

While the ceiling is sometimes referred to as the fifth wall in a room, we encourage using specialty ceiling paints instead of regular wall paint. While you can paint your ceiling any color, white is the most common. This is because a white ceiling helps increase the visual height of a room and make it appear and feel more open. Painting the ceiling is a lot of work, and we recommend ensuring you have the right painter’s tools for the job. There are also special ceiling paints that go on pink and then dry white, so you can ensure you haven’t missed any spots.

Oil Base Enamels

These interior paints are most commonly used on trim, cabinets, and sometimes even floors. Oil base enamels take longer to dry than waterborne paints but provide a more durable finish. Oil base paints can also achieve a higher sheen level, making them excellent options for places you want a glossier finish.

Finish Options

The finish on a paint determines its sheen level. The sheen is the amount of light reflected by a surface or how glossy and shiny it is. Different finishes are more practical and common on different surfaces in your house. If you aren’t sure what sheen you want, you can check out our handy sheen guide for the most common uses for each sheen. At Hoover Paint Store, we offer the following interior finishes:

  • Flat Wall Paint
  • Matte Wall Paint & Trim Paint
  • Eggshell Wall Paint
  • Satin Wall Paint, Trim Paint, and Oil Base Enamel
  • Semi-Gloss Wall Paint, Trim Paint, and Oil Base Enamel
  • Gloss Wall Paint, Trim Paint, and Oil Base Enamel


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