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The exterior of your home deserves to look just as lovely as the interior, and a coat of paint can transform your feelings about your home and its curb appeal and value. Exterior paints can also be used on front doors, garage doors, driveways, and trim. We offer exterior paints in a variety of different finishes and an array of colors. We can guarantee that we have the perfect paint for your project by offering house and exterior wall paints and coatings from several different brands. The brands we carry at Hoover Paint Store include Benjamin Moore, Fine Paints of Europe, PPG, Richard’s Paint®, and Romabio.

Everyday Exterior Paint

Our primary selection of house paints are perfect for everyday use whether you are a DIY homeowner or a professional paint contractor. Exterior paint can provide several benefits to your home, making it a fantastic exterior covering option the next time you remodel.

  • Protection: Our exterior paints are specially formulated to protect your home from the forces of nature. These wall paints can withstand the sun, wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Exterior paint also seals up cracks and gaps to provide a barrier against insects and other pests.
  • Durability: Exterior paint protects your home from the elements, which increases the durability of your siding and exterior walls. Exterior walls that are regularly repainted will last much longer than bare siding.
  • Beauty: The exterior of your home is how your house makes a first impression. A fresh coat of house paint can beautify your home and increase curb appeal. Wall paint also allows you to express your individual style. Studies show a fresh coat of paint can increase property value by up to 5%.
  • Cost Effective: Exterior paint is relatively inexpensive, which makes it a cost-effective option for refreshing the look of your home. Whether you are looking to sell or simply looking for a change, the low price makes it easy to transform your home.

Exterior Paint Finishes

Depending on the materials your home is made of and what parts of your exterior you are painting, you might want to consider different finishes. That is why we offer four finish options for our exterior paints.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint, House Paint, Wall Paint, at Hoover Paint Store, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN)

  • Flat Paints: These paints are perfect for hiding stains, small cracks, and other imperfections. Flat finishes are great for wood and vinyl siding.
  • Low Luster/Satin Paints: These paints have a soft shine finish that provides excellent hide and coverage. These are easier to clean than flat finishes and offer more durability. They work well on vinyl siding, brick, and masonry.
  • SemiGloss/SoftGloss Paints: These paints stand out in the sun and are perfect for highlighting elements of the exterior of your home. We recommend semigloss exterior paint for eaves, overhangs, windowsills, trim, and door frames.
  • Gloss Paints: This highly reflective finish provides superior protection and is easy to clean. However, the glossy finish also highlights imperfections. We recommend this paint for high-traffic elements like front doors and garage doors.

Specialty Exterior Paints

In addition to our standard exterior paint options, Hoover Paint Store offers two specialty coatings; Elastomeric Coatings and Romabio Exterior Coatings.

Romabio Coatings, Exterior Paint, House Paint, Wall Paint, at Hoover Paint Store, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN)

  • Elastomeric Coatings are high-build house paints that provide superior water protection. They are also great for bridging small cracks in the exterior of your home.
  • Romabio Exterior Coatings are specially designed for masonry exteriors. These wall paints are made in Italy and the formulas used have been around for generations.

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