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Take a walk outside, and you will see all sorts of wooded items and structures. Homes often have wood siding, decks, porches, fences, furniture, and even unique structures like pergolas and gazebos. Hoover Paint Store carries a wide array of exterior wood and deck stains.

While exterior paint can add a protective layer to your wooden items, exterior wood stain soaks into the wood, sealing pores and adding durability from the inside out. Wood stain is also specially formulated to combat rot, mildew, mold, and bugs. At Hoover Paint Store, our exterior wood stain collection includes products from General Finishes, CUTEK, Coronado®, Benjamin Moore, and Richard’s Paint®.

Benefits of Exterior Wood Stain

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Prevent Rot

Natural wood left outside will rot, especially in a moisture-rich environment. Rotting wood might be good for the soil but not for your deck or lawn furniture. Rotten wood in your home is dangerous as it might fall apart, causing injury. Our exterior stains will stop the rot before it starts. These wood stains seal surfaces and prevent mold, mildew, bugs, and other rot-causing elements.

Protection From The Elements

In addition to preventing rot, our exterior wood stain protects against rain, snow, and sun. If water gets inside wooden structures and then freezes, it can cause splitting. Similarly, unprotected wood can crack and split from prolonged UV exposure. Using deck stains from Hoover Paint Store will protect your wooden structures from both issues.

Increased Durability

It isn’t just the outdoor elements that your decks, porches, fences, and furniture need to withstand; they also need to hold up to everyday use. The shuffling of feet, spilling of drinks, and moving of furniture can all take a toll on wooden surfaces. Our exterior stains are engineered to withstand that use and will not flake, chip, or crack.

Beauty Enhancement

We offer several different types of exterior wood stains. Each type protects your wood surfaces while allowing natural wood grain and texture to shine through. Our exterior stains are available in natural wood tones and bright paint-like colors, so you can perfectly match your style. If you love the natural color of your wood, you can also opt for an untinted exterior stain.

Exterior Wood Stain Products

Translucent Wood Stains

These exterior stains are best for unfinished wood or wood surfaces that have already been stripped of any previous stains or finishes. Translucent stains penetrate deep into the grain, ensuring you can still see all the natural loops and swirls even if you’ve chosen a darker stain color.

Semi-Transparent Wood Stains

These semi-transparent wood stains still allow most of the grain to show when a clear or light color is chosen. For darker-hued stains, some of the woodgrain will be obscured. These are perfect if you want a smoother-looking surface that is still recognizable as wood.

Semi-Solid Wood Stains

If you want to change the color of your wooden surfaces drastically, then a semi-solid wood stain is a good option. These exterior stains provide a nice layer of protection and brighter coloring while still allowing some natural wood grain and texture to show.

Solid Color Wood Stains

If you want the look of a painted surface, and especially if you plan to choose an unnatural color, solid color wood stains are the best options. These exterior stains enhance and protect your wood surfaces but don’t allow much of the natural grain to show. Siding, fences, decks, porches, and furniture covered in a solid color wood stain will look like painted surfaces.

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