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A Basic Guide to Graco Paint Sprayers

Graco is well-known for its high-quality paint sprayers for professionals and DIY homeowners. Using paint sprayers speeds up your project compared to painting with a brush or a roller and can give you a cleaner finish at the end of the project. At Hoover Paint, we carry high-quality Benjamin Moore Paint and all the tools you need to do the job, including the Graco Ultra Quick Shot Paint Sprayers. Learn how a Graco Paint Sprayer can be the key to making your next painting job painless.

Hands covered with orange gloves using an orange paint sprayer

Benefits of Using a Paint Sprayer

Even if you’re a homeowner planning to paint your living room or the kitchen cabinets, a paint sprayer can seriously cut down on the length of time it takes to get the job done since they cover a large surface at once while applying paint evenly and effectively, meaning you only need to make one or two passes. Other benefits of using a paint sprayer include:

  • High-quality finish
  • Boost productivity
  • Excellent control
  • You can spray in tight areas
  • They’re portable
  • Used for big or small jobs
  • Easier cleanup

 Types of Paint Sprayers

You can select from contractor paint sprayers, sprayers for handypersons or DIY projectors, and sprayers for beginners just starting DIY paint jobs. Particular sprayers are better for specific jobs or different levels of experience. Graco’s sprayers include:

  • HVLP (high volume, low pressure) Sprayers are best for fine finishes that require detailed work, like cabinets, furniture, and trim.
  • Handheld Sprayers are better for small projects, like doors and touch-up jobs.
  • Airless Paint Sprayers are best for large projects like walls, ceilings, and fences.

With new technology, Graco was able to develop the Quickshot. Graco Ultra Quick Shot is a portable airless paint sprayer with excellent control that can be used in tight-to-reach areas. The Graco Quickshot is suitable for small or large projects. This gives you more freedom and flexibility because you don’t need separate sprayers for each project. You can use the Graco Ultra Quickshot for interior projects ranging from painting trim and molding to painting an accent wall. Similarly, it can be used on exteriors to paint anything from fences to outbuildings.

How to Use a Graco Paint Sprayer

Just like anytime you’re painting, it’s essential to start by preparing the area where you’ll be painting. Cover anything you don’t want paint on with painter’s tape or drop cloths. Also, make sure your painting space is well-ventilated and the paint has been mixed correctly. Then:

  • Fill the pump with paint
  • Prime the sprayer by pumping out any air
  • Adjust to the appropriate spray settings
  • Hold up the sprayer and apply an even coat. Try to hold it evenly so it doesn’t drip.
  • Clean the sprayer once you’re done

Contact Us for Graco Paint Sprayers

Make your next painting project a breeze with Graco paint sprayers. Get the even coverage you want in a fraction of the time. At Hoover Paint, we can help you choose the best sprayer for your projects, like the Graco Ultra Quickshot. We also carry Benjamin Moore Paintpainting, stains, and wallpaper so you can come to us for all your projects and materials. We have locations in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Cool Springs, Shelbyville, Cookeville, Green Hills, Manchester, Mt. Juliet, and Clarksville, TN, and we also serve the surrounding areas. Contact us today!