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Benjamin More Color of the Year 2024

2024 is a year for bold contrasts and soft complements.

People are picking bolder color choices for their homes, and the 2024 color of the year, Blue Nova 825, reflects that. Blue Nova is a lovely mid-tone color that adds depth and intrigue, especially when paired with the other colors in the Benjamin More color palette for 2024. Discover where you can add it, and how to use it to create a vibrant, intriguing addition to your home. Hoover Paint has everything you need to bring this fantastic color into your home and create truly stunning home interiors.

Benjamin Moore color palette 2024

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024 is a shade of blue with a hint of violet, with an almost cosmic quality. It’s neither bright nor dark, and it looks lovely in all lighting situations. That also means it’s a beautiful option for intriguing, engaging color without overwhelming it. It pairs beautifully with neutral colors like beige, tan, and cream but also complements bolder colors. The colors in the 2024 Benjamin More color palette all contrast or complement the Color of the Year.

Contrasting and Complementing: Benjamin More Color Palette 2024

Every color in the Benjamin More color palette 2024 is inspired by nature and life, which is how the contrasting and complementary colors add such rich depth. The colors enhance and play off one another. The color selections are varied, so anyone can use them to infuse their home with new color and life.

Color of the Year Blue Nova 825 pairs exceptionally well with each color in the palette. All the different shades work to complement or contrast with Blue Nova, allowing you to create truly stunning interiors. When you use multiple colors from the palette in your home, it creates the perfect aesthetic and adds personality, intrigue, and incredible levels of depth.

The 2024 color palette includes:

  •  The 2024 Color of the Year, Blue Nova 825
  • White Dove
  • Pristine
  • Teacup Rose
  • Honeybee
  • Regent Green
  • Antique Pewter
  • Polar Sky
  • Hazy Lilac

Using the Benjamin More Color of the Year 2024

Where can you use the Color of the Year 2024? Everywhere. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Painting the walls in your bedroom Blue Nova 825 and use accents like Topaz or White Dove to contrast and enhance it in the pillows, bedding, and rugs
  • Add Blue Nova 825 to the walls in your home office for a reinvigorating shade for the new year that’s as bold and ambitious as you are. Complement it with Polar Sky and add some Honeybee for contrast on the floor, shelving, furniture, and artwork.
  • Repaint the kitchen cabinets with Blue Nova 825. This will look incredible alongside an exposed brick wall or a backsplash or wall that includes other complementary and contrasting colors.

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The Benjamin More Color of the Year 2024 has a cosmic intrigue and depth that’s inspiring for a brand-new year. At Hoover Paint, our trained staff can discuss colors in your existing color palette and how to incorporate Blue Nova 825 to add unbeatable richness to your home this year.

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