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How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Project

Selecting the right paint matters for long-lasting and brilliant colors. Learn how to choose between interior and exterior paint, determine the right paint for each room in your home, and whether you’ll need oil-based or water-based paint for your project. At Hoover Paint, we carry all the tools you need for your next painting project and brilliant Benjamin Moore Paint near Nashville, TN. Set yourself up for success and learn how to choose the right paint for your next painting project.

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Differentiate Between an Exterior and Interior Project

If you're painting something that will remain outside, its going to need exterior paint. Exterior paint is usually acrylic, although some excellent water-based exterior paints are becoming available and offer the same weather-resistant properties. Exterior paint will also make it easier to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates on outdoor surfaces over time.

Interior paint is better for projects that will remain indoors. The scent is less intense, and you can get excellent coverage and brilliant color for most interior projects, including walls and cabinetry, with water-based paints, also called latex paint. You can also get paint that can hold up to a scrubbing for places like your kitchen or bathroom, and paint that will hide dings or scratches in high traffic areas like hallways.

Determine the Surface Type

Whether you're painting drywall, wood, metal, stone, or glass matters, not only will paint create the right sheen, but certain paints will stick better depending on the surface. You don't want the color to wash off or fade quickly. Choosing the right paint will ensure the color lasts and looks the way you want it to from day one.

Consider the Room

Painting the bathroom or kitchen, which are high-moisture rooms in your home, requires different considerations than painting the living room or the bedroom. In the bathroom, you want to make sure the paint can hold up to moisture and mildew, which requires a higher gloss. Primer for mold and mildew doesn't hurt, either. It should also be easy to clean, so a higher sheen, like satin, is often better.  The standard matte is a better choice for walls in a child's bedroom. Although it doesn't clean as easily as a higher sheen, the color is bolder, and it hides any painting imperfections.

Choose the Color

Now, the fun part! To select the best paint color for your project, narrow down your options by using paint chips. Then, get samples of your top 3-4 so you can see what it looks like in different lighting and alongside your things. It can make a difference! Consider what colors will complement your furniture as well as your own wants and needs.

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Selecting the right type and color of paint can make a huge difference for your next painting project. At Hoover Paint, we carry brilliant Benjamin Moore Paint near Nashville, TN. Our staff is happy to help you with every step, from selecting the right tools to the paint type and color, so you can get long-lasting colors you'll enjoy for years. In addition to paint, paint supplies, and painting tools, we carry wallpaper that you can use to make even more of an impact on your home.

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