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Simple Guide for Using Spray Stain

Stain protects the wood from sun and weather, which can improve the appearance of your yard and your home. Ordinary stain take a little while to apply, but spray stain is much quicker and more convenient! Using spray stain creates a smooth, even finish on your wood fence, deck, or siding, but can be a little confusing if you have never used this kind of stain before.  We carry everything you need at Hoover Paint for your painting and staining projects and are here to help you with your next project! Here’s how you can try it out for yourself.

Back of a brick house with a wooden deck freshly coated in brown stain at Hoover Paint near Murfreesboro, TN

Equipment for Using Spray Stain

Spraying on wood requires the following tools:

Step 1: Prepare the Wood for the Spray Stain

Start by cleaning the wood so the stain goes on cleanly and evenly. You can use a wood cleaner with a long-handled broom or power-wash it a few days before spraying on wood stain so the wood has time to dry.

Cover the walls of the house and any nearby plants, shrubs, or flowers you don’t want to get sprayed. If you’re staining a fence with wide slats, consider putting cardboard between them or behind them. If you’re painting a deck, ensure all furniture is off, and nothing you don’t want to be covered in the stain isn’t underneath.

Step 2: Test the Spray Stain Pattern

If you’re using more than one stain container, mix them to achieve a smooth, even color throughout. Select spray tips that fit your project and your sprayer. A narrower pattern and hole will give you more control. Test the spray tips to see the pattern by spraying it on cardboard to test the stain output. Start with the lowest pressure setting with a good spray pattern to get the best control and finish.

Step 3: Start Spraying on Wood Stain

You can spray horizontally or vertically, but ensure you’re spraying along the grain. Go board by board along the whole length. The following tips can help you get the best coverage and finish:

  • Tip 1: Keep the spray gun about 12 inches from the surface to prevent the spray from bouncing back.
  • Tip 2: Overlap each board by 50% for full, even coverage.
  • Tip 3: As you go, wipe up any drips with a brush or a rag.

After the spray stain has been applied consistently, let it dry for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Then, clean up!

Contact Us for Spray Stain

Spraying on wood stain saves time and energy on your wood stain projects, so they look great and can withstand the elements. Whether it’s a fence, deck, or shed, spray stain can complete the project quickly and efficiently. In addition to all the paint and stain supplies you could use, Hoover Paint wallpaper and other tools.

Call us, drop by one of our locations, or fill out our online contact form, and one of our staff members will assist you as soon as possible. We have locations in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Cool Springs, Shelbyville, Cookeville, Green Hills, Manchester, Mt. Juliet, Clarksville, and Pleasant View, Tennessee, and we also serve the surrounding areas. Contact us today!